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Thursday, October 11, 2012

it looks like fall, but it feels like winter!

this week the weather turned cold . . . i don't mean cozy sweater cold, i mean jacket and scarf cold.  we have had to break out the warm pajamas and fleece blankets for sleeping at night.  last night, leko even made a tent for himself under the blankets on our bed and he curled up next to ryan just to stay warm.  poor kitten.

we certainly are not ready to turn on the heat in our house just yet, but this weather sure is making it tempting.  what happened to the crisp air and slightly cool temperatures that i was looking forward to in the fall?

here's hoping that this week was just a fluke, and that fall weather will come back to stay for just a little bit longer before the winter cold temperatures settle into northeastern pennsylvania.  in the meantime, i'll be bundled up inside while watching the leaves change colors on the trees outside.

love, laurie


Unknown said...

This might sound crazy- but I'm totally jealous. This could be because it still looks and feels like summer here. Enjoy wearing those jackets, scarfs and fleece blankets for me!! Xo

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! It's a lot colder than I expected, today. I'm in jeans and a sweatshirt! I was looking forward to fall, but I hate how cold winter is. Even though it's cold, our windows are opened. It's nice to get the fresh air.


Sarah said...

We gave in and turned the heater on lol! We are wusses though. Anything under 67 degrees and the heater kicks on haha.

- Sarah