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Thursday, May 17, 2012

around our yard

we haven't planted any flowers in our garden yet since it has been just a tad too cool lately.  we are looking forward to sprucing up our garden and planting colorful flowers and some yummy herbs too once the weather evens out.  however, in the mean time, a few perennial flowers have been popping up around our yard.  their bright and vibrant colors have put me right in the mood for sunshine and warm weather!  over the weekend, ryan's mom took a stroll around our yard and took some lovely pictures of what's currently in bloom.  here are just a few of her photos . . .

love, laurie
{photos by ryan's mom}


Papa said...

Very, very pretty!!

Life Happens said...

Beautiful pictures. At first I thought they were taken with your new camera. :)

Now you can practice shooting with the new camera.