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Thursday, April 26, 2012

little letters

dear bigelow decaf english teatime tea,
you are my new best friend.  thank you for soothing my very sore throat!

dear picnik,
why did you have to go ahead and leave me?  i am beyond sad to see you go, and now i am being forced to use picmonkey instead.  if i am really nice, would you reconsider and please come back?

dear blogger,
your new layout is awful.  there, i said it . . . awful.  please change back to your old format.  pretty please.

dear pinterest,
seriously, you should come with a warning label.

dear bathroom scale,
tell me that you are lying to me and just randomly picking a number out of thin air.  that would make me feel a lot better.

dear gym membership,
you have been neglected big time.  hopefully i will be able to revisit you soon to make up for lost time (and for lost money that i spend on you each month).

dear weather,
what is going on?!  can you please make up your mind as to what season it actually is outside?  my body is confused, and i don't know how to dress myself in the morning anymore.

dear graduation,
you are approaching quickly.  (only two weeks away now.)  hip, hip, hooray!!!

dear leko,
thanks for being such a sweet kitten lately.  i love when you curl up in my arms at night and fall asleep in a cute little ball.

dear ryan,
you win the award for best husband ever.  hands down.  you are so good to me, and i am so grateful.

. . .

love, laurie


Papa said...

Yes, Ryan is truly a great husband (and a great son-in-law, too). We are so VERY happy that the two of you found each other!

Sarah said...

I wouldn't mind picmonkey accept it doesn't have the collage feature up and running yet. I wish they would hurry that up lol.

- Sarah