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Thursday, March 22, 2012

palsie's popcorn

when we were in north carolina this weekend, ryan's brother took us to palsie's popcorn.  this cute little store lookes like a combination of a 1950's diner, candy shoppe, soda fountain, and ice cream parlor, and they sell over 70 different flavors of gourmet popcorn.  the list of both savory and sweet popcorn flavors was overwhelming to read!  we ended up getting two different types: peppermint popcorn and caramel-cashew popcorn.  i know what you might be thinking . . . peppermint popcorn sounds weird, but it was surprisingly really good!

if you're ever in the raleigh, north carolina area, be sure to check out palsie's popcorn!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Oh i love those soda fountain kinds of places. Kind of a blast from the past. Glad you guys had a fun time!

- Sarah