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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bits of happiness {by jaime}

it has been a long time since we have featured a happy list over here.  so, today i'm excited to bring you a great happy list that was submitted by the lovely jaime from sparkles and sticks.  jaime lives in california with her husband, and she has been blogging since 2006.  be sure to head over and check out her blog!

here are . . . 
ten things currently making jaime happy:

10. seeing daffodils and other spring flowers start to bravely pop out of the ground
9. visiting friends in san francisco
8. taking photos of my feet when i am visiting a new place, or simply out for a walk around my neighborhood
7. reflecting on the past few years of my life while i stuff photos, ephemera, and memories into my new project life scrapbook
5. painting a coat of sparkle nail polish over whatever color nail polish is already on my fingernails
4. coffee dates with myself and my laptop
3. the knowledge that the hunger games movie comes out in less than one month
2. listening to audio books while i go on long walks in training for . . . 

thanks for sharing jaime!
{photo of jaime}

. . .

what is currently making you happy?
love, laurie

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