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Monday, January 30, 2012

visiting leko

ryan's parents came up to visit us for the weekend because they wanted to see us wanted to spend some time with leko.  this meant that the camera got a work out capturing all of his cute/bad kitty moments.  (photos courtesy of ryan's mom and her new camera!)  we enjoyed having ryan's parents come up to visit, and leko really enjoyed the extra attention that he got from his grandma and grandpa.  he made sure that he was on his "best" behavior for his visitors this weekend too.

 he spent some time playing with ryan's dad

 then he found a comfy spot on his lap for a nap

 he helped ryan's mom drink her coffee

 then he curled up for a nap on her lap too

 he inspected all of the coffee cups and got caught in the act

then he "helped" us to make dinner in the kitchen

 he showed everyone how good his soccer skills have become

 then he showed everyone how he can fit under every piece of furniture

 he perched on ryan's shoulders to watch him eat dinner

 then he decided to take a nap up there

the three of us had a great weekend visiting with ryan's parents.

hope you had a great weekend too!
love, laurie

. . .
ps: i know that there are a lot of photos,
but this little guy has stolen our hearts!


Papa and Mama said...

"A lot of photos" of Leko is a good thing. We enjoy seeing what the little guy is up to. He has stolen our hearts, too!

Haute Eyes said...

Oh my gosh! I cant get over this lil guy!! He is the cutest damn thing!! Love the name also!


Mom H. said...

We really enjoyed the weekend and we're glad the photos turned out well. That little guy certainly is photogenic and he sure does make us laugh!

Catherine Fishback said...

What a sweet little kitten!!! I've been wanting a dog or cat for such a long time now.

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Life Happens said...

Looks like the inlaws were happy with their grand fur-baby!

Charlotte said...

Oh he really is beautiful, I love the one of him napping on the neck lol