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Monday, December 5, 2011

happy birthday!

to my beautiful mother,

on your birthday, i wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing mom to me!

thank you for letting me sit on the kitchen counter when i was little to help you bake.
thank you for sharing your love of dancing with me.
thank you for driving me to school instead of making me take the bus.
thank you for being "mom taxi" for so many years.
thank you for showing me how to have fun.
thank you for camping out in the living room with me every weekend.
thank you for continuing holiday traditions year after year.
thank you for being open and honest with me.
thank you for always talking to me and treating me like an adult.
thank you for teaching me how to balance a checkbook.
thank you for making me take risks.
thank you for reminding me not to take myself too seriously.
thank you for feeding me the right way, and keeping me healthy.
thank you for never settling for "good enough."
thank you for being so giving of yourself and for putting me first.
thank you for continuously being supportive of me.
thank you for all of the little things that you do.
thank you for being the best mom ever!

happy birthday, mama!
love, laurie


Papa said...

Yes, your amazing Mama was a good influence for you, in so many important ways. She also introduced us to the wonders of kitties, too! I’m especially grateful that Mom taught you about never settling for “good enough,” which is how you eventually met up with Ryan (thank goodness!). We’ve all learned many essential lessons about life from Mom, including the real meaning of love. P.S. That photo of Mom is a favorite of mine.

Mama said...

Thank you, doll, for all your absolutely beautiful comments. You are without a doubt the best daughter in the world. You are a mother’s dream come true, and I am not exaggerating. I loved every minute of every day being a mom to you and Jeff. That was the most important job I could ever have. What special children, I was blessed.
I really loved all of your thank you comments and they brought back some wonderful memories. The only problem is that my kids were taking a quiz and now I have a hole in my lip.
I also must say thank you for being a wonderful mom to Lu. You taught him (or he taught you) the true meaning of love. You created something that was unique and never can be duplicated.
Dad and I are very happy that you still include us in your married life. We enjoy doing things with you and Ryan. Plus, you just can image how very proud we are of you. You keep amazing us with your talents and ambitions.
The party was way over the top. The food, cake, decorations, music, guests, and all the planning, I truly felt the love.

Thanks again so very much for making my 60th birthday so very special.