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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

little letters

dear ryan,
i'm sorry that i always seem to forget to take my vitamins when you lay them out for me . . . and that you later find them scattered around the house.  i love you!

dear tivo,
you are probably one of the top-ten best inventions ever.  thanks for holding onto all of my shows for me until i get around to watching them.

dear kelly,
i have been enjoying our cooking and baking lessons together.  come over again sometime soon!

dear flannel sheets,
you are a blessing on cold mornings.  you also make it very hard to get up and go to work.

dear thanksgiving,
you are creeping up very quickly.  i hope i am ready for you and the multitude of hungry dinner guests you bring next week.

dear discover credit card company,
thanks for having the most user-friendly website ever.  you make paying the credit card bills so simple.

dear pansies in the backyard,
do you know it is november?  my dad said that you were supposed to stop blooming back in june.  maybe you are confused, but i'm enjoying your flowers.

dear pinterest,
you are dangerously addictive.  i am embarrassed by how much time i am able to spend perusing pictures on your website.  i might have to start timing myself.

dear ryan,
see?!  i told you pinterest was addicting!  it looks like you're hooked on it too :-)


Your friend, Kelly said...

Omg! Love this post :) not just because I'm in it ...

Laurie said...

@kelly glad you love it!