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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

one of those days . . .

yesterday was one of those days.

we came home from work to find that our hot water heater had finally died (it was ten years old).  so, we cleared the pool of water out of our basement and ventured out to purchase a new one.  who knew that there were so many different types of hot water heaters?  we came back home (exhausted) and saw two little eyes on top of our kitchen counter looking back at us.  we spent the next half hour chasing a mouse around our kitchen, moving all of our appliances, trying to convince it that it would be much happier living outside.  alas, the mouse won, because we lost him somewhere in the house.  (i am scared to see where that little guy might pop up next!)  after losing the battle with the mouse, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would take very quick cold showers before bed . . . only, when we went to turn on the water, we found out that there was something wrong with the water feed, and we had no water coming to the shower.  (yes, i know, it doesn't make any sense to us either.)  so, we packed our bags with our shower supplies and went to take showers at the gym.


here's hoping that today will be better than yesterday!  the new hot water heater is supposed to be delivered and installed today.  and . . . we have dinner plans to eat with one of our favorite people at formosa tonight!


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