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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

bits of happiness

{my mom's deep dish apple almond pie . . . yum!}

happy wednesday!  it's a rainy and dreary day today, but i'm determined to not let that get me down.  naomi has a wonderful tradition of posting happy lists and i thought that was such a nice idea.  so, here goes . . . 

ten things currently making me happy: 

10. finally having hot water back in our house (which means we can tackle our ever growing pile of laundry) 
9. wearing bright colors on a rainy day (bright orange and teal to be exact)
8. pumpkin flavored everything
7. smelling campfires in the crisp autumn air
6. melting into the couch at night to watch tv after a long day
5. taking walks together and exploring new parts of our neighborhood
4. vegetables from the farmers market
3. my yellow corduroy ballet flats
2. left overs of my mom’s pie in our refrigerator
1. the fact that ryan voluntarily started dancing with me last night while we were brushing our teeth.  (there is nothing better!)  we are such goofballs, but that is okay. 

what is currently making you happy?
love, laurie


Taryn said...

Boy, your happy things made me smile--ready for some autumn here, they tricked us with the rain last week--over 100 yesterday =)

Laurie said...

@Taryn, Thanks! That list makes me smile too. What area are you in that it's over 100 degrees?