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Friday, March 29, 2024

the end of an era

after 19 months, noah finally outgrew his uppababy mesa infant car seat and had to upgrade to his big boy toddler car seat.  i'm sad because i loved having the ability to keep him in that car seat and click it right in and out of the stroller.  that thing was awesome and i'm so glad we got to use it for so long!  i'm telling you that uppababy system is genius and worth every penny.  no regrets!

that carseat has moved to a new home and will be used by our friend katie's baby who is coming in just a few weeks!

noah has been enjoying his new car seat recently and loves that he has two fancy cupholders.  mom and dad love the fact that it swivels to make it easy to get him in and out.

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

It works out well that Katie can use Noah's car seat. I'm sure she is happy to have it.

ma and pa camlet said...

At least the car seat is being used by a friend. Baby Boy is growing up.