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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

we survived "bright star"

the spring main-stage musical at the university where ryan and i work was "bright star."

as usual, noah and i designed the costumes.  ryan designed the lights, built the set, and oversaw all tech aspects of the production.  noah supervised everyone and everything.

the show went great.  this show was a doozie and we're all exhausted.  there's no time to rest though because we move immediately onto the next main-stage show which is children's theatre!

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Despite being somewhat confused by the synopsis before seeing the show, I was very impressed by the entire production. Everything about it was awesome and I was glad that I was able to see it two times. The music is now stuck in my head on a loop. I hope you let all the cast and crew members know that they did a wonderful job all around, as did you, Ryan, and Noah. I'm looking forward to seeing children's theater.

ma and pa camlet said...

The students sure came a long way with their acting and singing. They did an excellent job with movement and emotion. Love the pit band as well. Different music and we liked it. Bravo to costume designer and tech and lighting people. Can't forgetto mention the executive director who kept everyone one their toes.