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Thursday, February 8, 2024

mr. tool man

noah is obsessed with tools.  whenever ryan pulls out a screwdriver, hammer, drill, or measuring tape he is right there to "help" and run off with the tool.  ryan was working on a project recently and had to get out 3 screwdrivers: 1 for ryan and 2 for noah.

yes, i'm fully aware it is not safe to have a baby running around with sharp tools but he is extremely headstrong!

his accuracy of getting the screwdriver lined up on a screw head is downright impressive for a 17 month old!  we let him practice by screwing plastic wall anchors into cardboard and he's really good at it.

the sneaky look of being so pleased with himself because he stole the screwdriver . . . 

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Noah takes after his daddy with his love of tools. I love his impish expression - he just always makes me smile!!!

ma and pa camlet said...

What a cutie and he is so pleased with himseelf. I love that smile. Whatever mom and dad does, Noah has to try.