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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

baby boy's nursery

i originally composed this blog post weeks ago.  it's one of the posts that i prepped in advance before noah arrived, and i had it scheduled to post on his due date.  however, in a moment of shear stupidity i accidentally deleted it last week instead of posting it because i was distracted and sleep deprived.  (why the blogger platform doesn’t have a trash/recycle that you can pull accidentally-deleted posts out of is beyond my comprehension.)  you bet there were tears and some choice words because i spent a great deal of time on this post describing everything in the nursery and our process of putting the nursery together.  accidents like that happen, but they are especially annoying when you’re only a few days postpartum and in an emotional hormonal fog.

my brain is too far gone to possibly try to remember what i originally wrote or to recreate the post.  i did have the photos saved, but you’ll have to trust me that the original wording was much better than this quickly-recreated version . . .

the room in our house that became baby boy's nursery was originally our spare bedroom.  it was a spare bedroom for years, and then during the pandemic we turned it into a home gym.  when it came time to start preparing a nursery it was the only location we had in our tiny house, and the gym equipment was moved into the space that we use as our home office.

we started working on this room early in the spring, and were glad we did before we got busy with dance recital season and the hot summer.  we gave the ceiling a fresh cost of white paint and we painted the room a soft gray.  it’s actually the same color that we painted our home office years ago.

we loved how the white furniture looked against the grey walls.  we accented with pops of color and an animal/adventure theme.

we were happy that we were able to transform this room without spending much money at all.  we bought a lot of things on sale and repurposed what we could from home.

we bought the crib from target, the floating shelves and the bookshelf changing table combo from ikea, the bins and lamp from home sense, the rug and side table from at home, and the curtains from boscovs.

the dresser is something that we bought years ago from lowe's, and the picture frames were from around the house.

a friend gifted us the crib mattress since his children outgrew it, and the crib mobile was a gift from our baby shower.

the glider recliner is actually the very first baby purchase we made and we bought it before i was even pregnant.  it's so comfortable and we got it from home goods.  the laundry baskets came from home goods as well.

we decorated the shelves with my childhood kermit the frog, trinkets from around the house, momentos from our disney world trip, an ultrasound photo, and the letter board from our baby shower.

ryan did a ton of work on the tiny closet too.  he pulled out the old clothes hanging bar, painted the closet white, and built a custom-fit closet organizer to maximize storage space.

overall, we're really happy with the way the nursery turned out.  we know it will change over time, but i'm glad we have it documented how it looked when baby boy arrived.

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

I think the nursery turned out great. The gray and white are calming and the pops of color from the animal theme and the other decorative items liven it all up.

ma pa camlet said...

I loved the way you decorated the nursery. The room look a lot larger now that it is a nursery. You guys did a great job.