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Friday, September 2, 2022

9 months

yesterday i shared the progression of my growing belly from 1 month pregnant to 9 months pregnant.  when we took each of those photos, we also took a photo of me holding something in front of my belly to represent that month.  i've added these photos to my baby photo album at home along with the others to look back on . . . 

1 month (december 2021) = christmas candy canes

2 months (january 2022) = baby's first ultrasound at 8 weeks

3 months (february 2022) = buying the very first baby clothes

4 months (march 2022) = a lucky clover for saint patrick's day

5 months (april 2022) = ben & jerry's "half baked" ice cream to mark the 20 weeks halfway point

6 months (may 2022) = my mother's day card and gift from ryan

7 months (june 2022) = announcing baby boy's gender at our trip to walt disney world

8 months (july 2022) = our baby shower invitation

9 months (august 2022) = two big shells and one little shell from our getaway to ocean grove

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

You and Ryan are so clever to do document your progression. Glad you posted it so we can see your journey.

Mom H. said...

Such a nice idea! I love it!!!