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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

celebrating 50 years!

we were thrilled to not have a dance rectial to work on saturday and to have the whole day free.  so, on saturday, we all went out to dinner at stroudsmoor country inn to celebrate ryan's parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  

stroudsmoor is where we got married, and they always have such delicious food.  it's been several years since any of us have had a chance to go to stroudsmoor, so it was a nice treat.

it was a double celebration because saturday was also ryan's dad's birthday too!

everything was so yummy and we all left completely stuffed!

a very happy 50th wedding anniversary to ryan's parents!

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

That was a nice choice in restaurants. It has been a long time since we have been to Stroudsmoor and they did not disappoint. We really had a good time.