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Monday, May 2, 2022


oh man, i have been absolutely miserable for the past week fighting this stupid cold.  what started out as a sore throat (and the doctor thought might be strep) has morphed into the head cold of a lifetime.  luckily, we know it's not covid since i've been tested several times and it's been negative.  

being sick is always awful, but being sick while pregnant is a whole new level of torture since there's nothing you can safely take.  

i'm relying on kitten cuddles and mom's homemade soup which has enough pepper in it to cure anything i'm sure.

please, universe, please, let this pass soon.  i'm at my wits end of not being able to breathe, a perpetual headache, clogged ears, and the most annoying cough.  i would really like to get some rest without having to blow my nose or cough every 5 minutes!

fingers crossed!

love, laurie 


Mom H. said...

I hope this terrible cold passes soon and you get back to feeling better!

ma pa camlet said...

We feel so sorry for you. We are praying everyday that you get relief.
Sorry about the pepper, hot it got some of those germs.