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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

building new stage risers for the theatre

in the midst of all of the other craziness that's been happening in our schedule recently, this past week we had to build new stage risers for the theatre.  i'm really proud of ryan on this project.  he came up with the plan and went to town.

in the theatre, we use 4x8 foot wooden risers often.  most of the time two are put together to make an 8x8 foot riser for drummers and others are used in different configurations for musicians.  up until now, we've been borrowing/renting them.  we looked into purchasing them for the theatre and the cost was astronomical.  this project has been ignored for far too long and we had to finally tackle it because we needed the risers for a show this weekend.  so, we built our own!

we built the risers, painted them black, and then sewed fabric to skirt them which attaches with velcro.  most of the time, riser skirting is black to hide the underneath of the riser, but ryan came up with this genius idea to use white satin which he can use as a lighting tool to light from both underneath to give it under-glow and light from the front to project color and pattern onto it.  we tried it out and it looked awesome!  

can't wait to put them to use this weekend!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Wow, great job Ryan. That was a good idea to use white fabric for the lights. Cute seamstress, too! Can't wait to see the show. We will be looking at the riser, instead of the band.

Mom H. said...

Wow, you are both so creative and smart! I am looking forward to seeing your creation in use this weekend. Way to go!