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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

a little getaway for a few hours

we have been working like nuts lately.  our hours have been odd and we've been bouncing from one thing to another so much that we've had very little time to spend together.  over the weekend we actually had a day with nothing on the schedule which is such a rarity, so we took advantage of the nice weather and drove up to woodbury commons for a few hours to walk around.

we love visiting woodbury commons every so often, but we haven't been there in so long because of the pandemic.  the weather was beautiful for a drive.  one of the things that we were most excited about was that parm just opened up a location at woodbury commons.  for anyone following along with this blog for any period of time, you know that parm is one of our favorite places to eat in nyc.  we've been to all of the nyc locations, so we were thrilled to have lunch at the new one at woodbury commons.  of course, it was delicious.  we shared an eggplant parm sandwich and a burrata caprese salad.

we worked off our lunch by walking around for a few hours and then grabbed some dinner at shake shake before heading home.  it was so refreshing to have some good quality ryan-laurie time!

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

The decor at Park is attractive and welcoming and the food looks yummy at both restaurants. Now I'm hungry!

ma pa camlet said...

Nice weather for a little get-a-way.
Food looks delicious. Glad you two were able to spend time together.