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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

a very different look at cruise ships now

our family has enjoyed cruising for years.  we've been on many and had great times.  we even had a family cruise scheduled for this past september which had to be canceled due to the pandemic.  

well, now that the cruise ship industry is shut down indefinitely, i found these articles interesting about where cruise ships are at now.  turns out they're either headed to a scrap yard in turkey or floating out in the middle of ocean somewhere. 

what happens to cruise ships when they go to the scrap yard?  they get dismantled and sold for scrap metal.  (for real, i can't believe they park them so close together that they are touching!)

for the vessels that aren't ready to end up in the scrapyard, they are getting a lot of onlookers via a ferry that is taking people out on a sightseeing adventure.  (ryan and i were on the allure of the seas back in 2012.)

it sure is sad!

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

It gives me an eerie feeling looking at the ships being scraped. Feels like looking a the Titanic. I was wondering where they had them docked, but they are out in the ocean with dropped anchors. I wonder if the cruise industry will ever be like how we knew it. Those ships do look very sad and lonely, but you can buy one for $155 million.