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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

finally, some stage hands work!

my body is so sore this week and i'm exhausted because i spent all day saturday and all day sunday working for our local stage hands union to set up for the live joe biden town hall event that will be held tomorrow in our area.

the event will be moderated by anderson cooper and will air at 8pm on cnn.  cnn decided to use a very large parking lot outside of our local baseball stadium for the event.  over the course of several days, lots of people turned that empty parking lot into a stage area for the town hall.  the amount of stuff was insane.  truly, i can't imagine why they needed that many lights!  what a project it was to set it all up!

i definitely look forward to watching it to see all of our hard work in action tomorrow night on tv!  we get to go back on friday to take it all down (which it going to take absolutely forever).  proud to be a small part of such a bit event!

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

You think this is a big live concert with all the staging, towers, lights, and trucks.
Both of you should be proud of your work, we know that we are proud of you guys. Just don't like all the hard work and muscle aches you have to go through.