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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

dancing with the stars live tour 2020!

have you ever been so happy you could cry?  that was me on saturday night while sitting in the audience watching the dancing with the stars live tour.  i couldn't contain myself!

i constantly talk about the fact that ryan, leko, and i absolutely love dancing with the stars.  it's our favorite show on tv and we always look forward to monday nights to watch it together curled up on the couch.  last year, our dream came true when we finally got to see the dwts live tour show at turning stone event center in verona, new york.  we enjoyed it so much that we knew we had to go back.  we bought tickets to go again this year way back in september when they went on sale.

since it's january, and the weather is gross in the northeast in the winter, we booked a room to stay the night, and i'm really glad we did.  we drove up saturday during the day (in the middle of an ice storm), walked around turning stone, saw the show, stayed over, and then drove back home on sunday morning (in much better weather than we had on saturday).

when we arrived at turning stone we were coming down the escalator to go to the lobby and as soon as we entered the lobby ryan said "look, there's sasha!"  we were shocked to see him just strolling right through the lobby.  a little while later while we were standing in line to check in, ryan said "look, there's witney!" as she stepped off the elevator.

the show was absolutely awesome and we loved it so much!  it was so incredible to see all of our favorite dancers in person again.  we were also happy to see that the star who was joining the cast for the saturday night show was kate flannery.  we loved watching her on "the office" so it was really neat to see her in person too.

we took a bunch of photos and videos on our phones during the show.  here are a few . . .

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

I'm so glad that you felt better and were able to get to the show.

ma pa camlet said...

Wow what a show! Glad you got to see celebrities in person. Also glad you were safe in that weather.