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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

norwegian escape cruise to bermuda - part 2

one of the things that made us decide to take a cruise to bermuda was horseshoe bay beach.  we visited horseshoe bay beach on our last two trips to bermuda, and it's definitely one of our favorite beaches.  the sand is a beautiful pink color and the water is crystal clear.  it's really gorgeous.

on our first day in bermuda, we hoped on a public bus and rode to horseshoe bay beach.  we spent the majority of the day at the beach playing in the water, exploring the incredible rock formations, and walking on the soft sand.  the weather was incredibly hot and humid while we were there which made the water extra refreshing!

here are some photos from our day at horseshoe bay beach . . .

love, laurie

you can see more photos from our cruise to bermuda here


ma pa camlet said...

Love the blue water and beautiful beach. I remember some of those spots.
Love the bathing suit.

Mom H. said...

These are beautiful photos! That beach is just so pretty - pretty blue colors, pretty pink sand, and great rock formations. I also like the new bathing suit.