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Friday, April 26, 2019

proud of my ryan

i had a different post lined up for today about our trip to the train museum this past weekend, but i decided to save it for next week because i had to share this picture that i snapped last night of ryan. 

he has been working hard for the past several weeks designing the lights for a local high school's show like he has for the past 11 years.  this year's design process has been filled with lots of extra crazy obstacles, but nonetheless he got through it.  last night was the school's final dress rehearsal before the show opens to the public tonight.  before dress rehearsal started, ryan took a few minutes to snap some pictures of his design on his phone.  i was sitting behind him and couldn't resist snapping a picture of him while he was snapping pictures of his lights, because it was a cute moment and i could tell he was proud of a few lighting effects he designed.

good job, ryan!  i'm proud of you and know what it took to get through this year's design process.  two thumbs up!!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Great Job! We are all proud of you. Start you own business.

Mom H. said...

I'm glad that Ryan's lighting design was working the way he wanted it to work; it looked good to me! Great job! He is certainly a talented, detail-oriented, and dedicated worker!