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Monday, January 21, 2019

snow weekend

this weekend's forecast called for a big storm with a ton of snow followed by a bunch of freezing rain.  (luckily, neither of us had work on saturday or sunday.)  after we both got home from work on friday night, we decided that we would just hunker down for the weekend and stay at home.

it was glorious not leaving the house at all for two days, staying in pajamas, getting some stuff done around the house, and being able to actually see each other and spend quality time at home with leko!

leko took full advantage of us being snowed in and sat on our laps with a bunch a blankets every chance he got.  together, the three of us binge watched a bunch of old episodes of the pioneer woman that were backed up on our dvr.

we weren't lazy bums on the couch all weekend long.  we did manage to get our basement organized and all of our closets in our house straightened and cleaned out.  it was a good feeling.  we even dug out ryan's old computer from college from the back of our office closet, and were both shocked to see that it turned on and functioned!  what a blast from the past.  (i'm telling you, windows xp was the best out of all of the windows operating systems.)

we dug out some board games that we haven't played in years and sat around the dining room table to play scrabble and yahtzee.  we also had some time to cook together and made some delicious breakfast burritos, homemade pizza, yummy pancakes, and great shrimp fried rice.  in between, we snacked on some leftover christmas cookies and candy, including a cute nutcracker chocolate-covered pretzel stick from when we worked the nutcracker over the christmas holiday.

all in all, it was a solid weekend at home and we felt like we had a stay-cation.  it was great, and leko loved it too!  now it's back to work today in sub-zero temperatures with snow-covered icy roads!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

It was sure cold this weekend and still is cold. It was nice staying home and cooking, baking and getting some much needed chores done around the house.

Mom H. said...

That sounds like a very productive and enjoyable weekend.