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Friday, November 9, 2018

fun links

wow, it's going to be a busy weekend!  we have a ton of shows overlapping at different venues this weekend so we're trying to take it day-by-day.

since it's friday, here are a few fun links i found around the internet recently . . .

1. all i want to really do with my life is nap with cats

2. yum, i want to make a batch of these cupcakes

3. matching plants to your zodiac sign

4. what words came into existence the year you were born?

5. midnight snacks that aren't terrible for you

6. how is this possible?

7. what fruit are you - i'm a raspberry, no surprise

8. this cranberry-pear-crumble pie looks so good for fall

9. and last but not least, this cat wins the internet by crashing a fashion show

have a great weekend!
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

I like the idea of napping with a kitty and having a cupcake and coffee.
Interesting iceberg. I am a cherry. Kitties always steal the show.

Mom H. said...

I enjoyed the kitty in the fashion show.