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Friday, October 19, 2018

the things i do for my job . . .

yup, that's right, i'm standing on stage holding a show poster and a bag of swedish fish candies.

why?  good question.

tomorrow night we have a show called "almost queen" coming to our theatre.  everyone is beyond excited about it because short of going back in time in a time machine, they are the closest thing you can get to seeing the real queen.  

it turns out that "almost queen" is our local weather man's favorite band and he has gone all over following the band to see them play at different venues.  he reached out to me and asked if he could promote the show on this morning's forecast.  ummmm, yes please!

one of the antics that he does on his forecast every morning is have the local audience send in photos of themselves pointing and then he overlays the photos on top of the weather map to match it up with whatever weather system is coming into our area.  he asked me to be his "pointer girl" this morning holding an "almost queen" show poster and anything that was related to fish (because fish was the theme this week for his pointers).  i couldn't find a correlation between queen and fish, so we grabbed a bag of swedish fish candy since we sell that at our theatre's concession stand.  

thus, here is yours truly looking like a nut on television for tons and tons of people to see this morning on all 5 forecast broadcasts!  (and if you know me at all, you know i have all 5 broadcasts recorded on my dvr!)

listen, i don't want anyone to ever question my dedication to my job or what kind of crazy antic i will do in order to promote the theatre or to sell tickets!  i definitely deserve a raise for this, right?! ;-)

here is one of the five broadcasts . . .

have a great weekend (and come see my show!!!)
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

I think Joe did a great job with his presentation this morning. You looked great in the picture. I do think your promo for Queen covered a large viewing area. Hope this helps with ticket sales.

Mom H. said...

We did not see this particular forecast, but we did have one sneak up on us later. By the time the next one rolled around we were ready to record! We were surprised to see you on the weather. You had mentioned that Joe would plug the concert but we did not expect to see you. Great job!