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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

weekend shows

it was a busy weekend bouncing between venues for different shows.  between the two of us we worked arts alive junior at the theater, the peach music festival at the pavilion, and a michael jackson tribute concert at the theater.  needless to say, we're exhausted and delirious.  a few snapshots from the weekend . . .

^arts alive junior is a musical theater day camp for students in K-4th grade.  at the end of their two week camp, they come to the theater to put on a performance.  this year's theme was the weather.  it was really cute and impressive for being put together in just two weeks.^

^the best part of peach fest are the cookies.  they always have the best decorated peach cookies and this year there were grateful dead logo cookies too.  i also enjoyed the peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert too!  i did not enjoy being completely soaked from the sideways rain and freezing in july from the cold night temperatures up on the mountain . . . nor did i enjoy falling 5 feet through a hole in a deck platform resulting in my right leg being completely back and blue.^

^we finished off the weekend with a touring production of a michael jackson impersonator tribute concert at the theater.  you can check out the theatre's online photo album with my photos from the show here.^

this week we're back up at the pavilion to work the vans warped tour and then this weekend brings arts alive senior in the theater for four days . . . pray for us!

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Your schedule makes me tired just to think of it!

Ma Pa C said...

Your pictures of the show are clearer than in person due to the fog.