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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

the paper caves

i have been wanting to visit "the paper caves" ever since i saw this segment on the news back in august.  local artist samuelle greene turned an art gallery into an elaborate cave made of one million pages from old books, all of which were hand rolled and glued into place.  it's an art installation that you can walk through with amazing details at every twist and turn, and the gigantic sculpture is truly breathtaking in person. 

the exhibit is only open on saturdays for a few hours, so i was excited when we finally got the chance to see it this past weekend.  here is a neat video showing how the paper caves were created with a chicken wire base.  below are some pictures i snapped on my phone while we were there . . .

love, laurie


Ma Pa C said...

That is really neat. All the time and effort that went into rolling the paper and gluing. Where in the world would anyone come up with an idea like that. I guess creativity is endless.

Mom H. said...

That is definitely unique!