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Friday, August 18, 2017

while mom and dad are away, leko . . .

. . . convinces his baby sitters to let him in the bath tub, apparently.

while we were away on our cruise to bermuda, two of our friends took turns watching leko.  it's so nice to get away, but it's so hard to leave our fur baby.  luckily our friends texted updates and pictures while we were gone so that we could check up on the status of our little guy.  however, i had to laugh because all of the photos they sent us had one thing in common . . . all of them were pictures of leko in the bathtub!

our one friend knows about leko's bath tub and sink faucet routine.  however, our other friend did not know about it and we never got around to explaining it to her before we left.  when we came back, she told us that he led her to the tub, made her open the shower curtain, and jumped in the tub.  she didn't know what on earth he wanted and she said he just kept staring at the faucet handle.  she knows cats hate water, but he was so insistent that she turned it on for him.  she could not believe her eyes when he started drinking the water and getting soaked.  i didn't know whether to be proud or embarrassed as she told me that story!  too funny.

have a great weekend
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Fortunately Leko was able to communicate to her that he wanted the water turned on. Smart little fur-baby!

Unknown said...

He now has her trained. Who said cats can't talk? All he needed to communicate was mental telepathy.