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Thursday, August 3, 2017

out with the old . . .

the university where i work built a brand new library two years ago and finally got around to tearing down the old library recently.  since the summer began they have been working hard each day bringing down the old structure.  it has been an interesting process to watch the old building come down.  it's finally down and we're left with a gaping hole before it is filled in and an outside amphitheater is constructed in its place.  it's a bit hard to see the footprint of the old library from the ground since there are fences up around the site, but i had the chance to be on the top floor of our new library building recently for a meeting and was very surprised at the view when i looked out the window.  i'm glad i had my phone with me to snap these two photos.  it's really amazing to see the wide open space were our old library once stood.  i taught in that building for many years, so it was really sad to see my classroom disappear where i taught so many classes.  everyone is very interested to see what the new amphitheater will look like.  it is supposed to be done by the end of the summer.

love, laurie

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