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Thursday, July 13, 2017

back-to-back concerts

the month of july is a busy one for shows at our local concert pavilion.  we had back-to-back concerts on sunday and monday with lady antebellum followed by the vans warped tour.  both days were early mornings and late nights which made for two very long exhausting days.  ryan worked the load in, the run of the show, and the load out for both days, and i was up there with him for each of the load ins and the load outs.

yesterday found me back up at the pavilion working the load in of camp bisco by myself while ryan was working another job.  it runs for several days so that's where i'll be for many, many hours this week running show call.  i'll be sure to share pictures of that craziness soon.

every single muscle in my body is sore.  sitting in a hot tub sounds glorious right about now!  does anyone out there have a hot tub i could borrow?!

ps: i'm extremely proud to be a woman doing the stagehand work that i do, so i found it interesting when i stumbled across this short documentary about female stagehands in the local 16 stagehands union in san francisco and i wanted to share it.

love, laurie

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Interesting video, I guess there is discrepancy in every job. Unless you know someone back stage, no one realizes what it takes to pull a show. Taking a blank canvas and making it into a stage. Hard work. Be careful.