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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

recital memories

a few random photos from this year's dance recital . . .

^a quick snapshot in the senior dressing room just moments before katie and i went out on stage to dance our lyrical duet.  we were literally running out the door when we took this.  i was nervous we were going to be late for our number, but we got onstage in time.^
^one of my junior ballet students who i had the pleasure of teaching this year.  her mom snapped this photo right after the recital and posted it on facebook with the caption "the queens" ha!^
^ryan said he looked high and low to find a recital card for me that was somewhat circus themed.  as soon as he saw this one he knew he had to get it because ryan and i spent an evening gluing elephant ear headpieces together for the younger dancers and because the dance i choreographed was tightrope themed.  i loved the card and the incredibly sweet message he wrote inside which made me cry.  i just had to take a picture of it.^
^one of my younger students gave me this little note along with some chocolate after the recital.  it was a sweet gift (literally) and her message made me laugh: "thanks for teaching me the moves" . . . so cute!^

love, laurie

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Recitals are such sweet memories. The note was cute and the chocolates were very thoughtful. You must mean a lot to her.