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Friday, June 23, 2017

our acrobatic squirrel

our yard is filled with all sorts of "woodland creatures" as ryan calls them.  we have a bird feeder right outside our kitchen window which is perfect for watching the birds as we wash dishes at the kitchen sink.  on a typically day, you can see the birds eating at the feeder while the squirrels and chipmunks sit below on the grass anxiously awaiting whatever birdseed falls down to them.

about a year ago, we started noticing one particular acrobatic squirrel who would climb up the tree branch and do cirque du soleil style acts off the branch in order to get to the bird feeder.  on one hand we were annoyed that he was eating the birdseed, but on the other hand we applauded his skills.  this nutty squirrel has been doing this on a regular basis for over a year.  the most amazing thing about his acrobatic act is that he eats while hanging upside down by his tail and his itty-bitty feet!  we figure that if he is willing to go through all of that trouble we might as well let him do it.  the birds don't seem to mind at all either.  they sit there right along side him and go about their day, eating as they please.  i guess they all know that ryan will come by and refill it as soon as it gets low.  (all of ryan's "woodland creatures" really have him well trained if you ask me.)

every time we see this we say that i should grab the camera to get a picture, because otherwise no one would believe these death-defying stunts that this squirrel does.  whenever i run to get the camera, i always miss him.  well, today was my lucky day because i was finally able to get the camera fast enough.  i shot these pictures out my kitchen window this morning while this nutty squirrel was having (or stealing) his breakfast.  see for yourself how insane this stunt is . . .

love, laurie


Unknown said...

That is one talented, sassy squirrel. He is quite amazing how he holds onto the branch. Squirrels are known for their critical thinking to figure out how to get to the bird feed. He is so smart and adorable and the belly looks soft. That picture should win a photo contest or at least be shown on WNEP.
What in the world does leko think?

Mom H. said...

Great photos of this acrobatic squirrel! It just goes to show that where there's a will, there's a way!