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Friday, April 7, 2017

and it's friday

it's friday and just a few more hours remain between us and the weekend.  to get us through, here are a handful of cat links . . .

>  cat photo bombs - #8 looks like leko doing "yoga" with me at home

> people try to tell me leko is big . . . no way, compared to these guys

> dear lord, we are never ever giving leko a bell

> have you met nutmeg the 31 year old cat?!

> and completely random, but do your brunch preferences determine if you're a cat or a dog person - mine was right, it said cat person (of course)

have a good weekend
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

I enjoyed all of these sites. The one with the bell really made me laugh. I think we need to put a bell by the pantry door and teach Ginger to ring the bell instead of pawing on the door to request food! My responses to the last one showed I am a dog person, so I don't know how accurate it really is since I have never had a dog and have always had cats! However, with many of the choices of food I could have chosen all of them.

ma pa camlet said...

Why does that not surprise me that the cat is in the dust pan rather than an expensive bed. I know Leko helps to keep you on track when you do yoga. Yes, I am a cat person.