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Thursday, March 2, 2017

recent purchases that have pleasantly surprised me

every once in a while we come across a product that makes me say, "where has this been all my life?"  i wanted to share four recent purchases we have made that have pleasantly surprised me.  (this post is not sponsored by any of these brands.  these are products that i have purchased and enjoy.)

1. jcrew camp socks
ryan and i are huge jcrew fans (particularly of the jcrew factory/mercantile stores).  last christmas, ryan bought me a pair of womens camp socks.  they're great and i love them, but they are a pain in the neck to get on and off because they run really tight (and i have relatively small feet).  recently, we came across a few pairs of mens camp socks on a clearance sale.  we bought them and both love them.  i love the mens so much more than the womens because they are extra long so they fit me like knee socks, and they are really thick and cozy.  they're not meant to be boot socks, but since they're so long they fit like that which is great.  i know they're just socks, and it may sound silly, but they are game changers in the cold winter months!

2. real techniques miracle complexion sponge
i learned how to do my own makeup at a young age because i was on stage so often for shows.  i've always used my hands to blend my foundation and concealer, until i recently discovered these makeup sponges.  i have to admit, i was very doubtful that these would work, but they do.  these particular sponges are more versatile than most because they have a flat edge, a precision tip, and round sides.  used wet, they are ideal for liquid makeup.

3. tubshroom
hair ends up clogging the drain when taking a shower which is frustrating, and over the years we've tried tons of different shower drain options.  one day i was scrolling through my facebook feed and saw an advertisement for the tubshroom.  i was intrigued, but thought that i looked too good to be true.  we picked one up at bed, bath, and beyond to give it a try and were so pleased to find that it works like a charm!  it catches everything and is the easiest to clean off out of all of the strainers/hair catchers we've ever used.

4. lara bars
i'm super skeptical of packaged food, especially any snack that falls in the granola bar or protein bar category.  after doing a lot of reading up on lara bars, i decided to give them a try.  oh my goodness, we're hooked!  they are delicious and made from only a few simple ingredients.  best of all is that they're vegan!  i stand behind these bars 100%.  (the cherry pie  is my favorite and it's only made from 3 ingredients: cherries, dates, and almonds!)

love, laurie

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ma pa camlet said...

That hair catcher really seems like a product I could use if it really work.