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Thursday, March 16, 2017

anyone want some snow? we have enough!

this blizzard of '17 has been no joke (#stellagoaway).  our snow total is over 2.5 feet, with snow drifts over 3 feet, and piles of shoveled snow well above my head (i'm 5'2'').  schools and businesses have been closed for 3 straight days (which never happens) and many roads are impassable.  it has been a back-breaking task to try to shovel several times per day.  lifting shovelfuls of snow above my head is more of a workout than needed.  right about now, a hot tub and a massage sound glorious.  still dreaming of palm trees!

^the road in front of our house is an emergency route so it's always cleared during storms, but not this time, it's horrible.  i've watched so many large pick-up trucks getting stuck and sliding out.  also, our neighbors' icicles are longer than i am tall.^
^the "after" picture of our neighbor's car once she had spent time digging it out.  it really got buried by the plow trucks.  before she starting digging it out, you couldn't even see that there was a car under there.^
^narrow walkways through waist-high aisles of snow.^

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Look at those icicles and the depth of the snow. You really got a snowfall.