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Monday, February 6, 2017

super bowl sunday 2017

it's no secret that we're not into sports, but we really enjoy sitting down with some good food (and leko) every year to watch the super bowl.  my absolute favorite way to watch the super bowl is at home, in my pajamas, with those two boys!  on sunday evening, we threw together a few little super bowl snacks (cast-iron skillet vegetarian nachos with lots of toppings and boneless wings for ryan).  for dessert, we made a cast-iron chocolate chip cookie, which we served warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles.

of course leko joined in on the action.  we kicked off the night by watching the kitten bowl on the hallmark channel with him, and then after leko fell asleep on ryan's lap, we switched over to the real super bowl.

the commercials were horrible this year.  if i had to pick two favorites, i'd say mr. clean's "cleaner of your dreams" commercial and kia's "hero's journey" commercial were probably my favorites.

hands down, the best part of the night was lady gaga's half-time performance.  she killed it!!!  we were mesmerized by the 300 drones in the air flying in sync and by the fact that she actually sang live and danced the whole time.  no matter what you think of lady gaga, you have to hand it to her, she did an awesome job!

a few photos from our little super bowl party (via my phone because i was way to lazy to grab my camera!) . . .

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

I agree the commercials were terrible. Lady Gaga was great. I heard the set was $10,000,000 for them to set up. I also heard that the performers do not get paid for their performance. Leko watched the best part, the kitten bowl and that was all he needed to watch. That made him tired.

Mom H. said...

I agree with you about Lady Gaga. I did not expect much, so I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the fact that she did not lip-synch. She really put a lot of energy into the whole performance and it all seemed to be very organized, unlike some half-time shows in the past. The game was a good one too. We just caught up with the Kitten Bowl today; tons of cuteness there! Our kitties slept through the Kitten Bowl.