Thursday, July 21, 2016

throwback thursday

on my birthday this past january, i shared an old picture of me in a stock pot on the kitchen counter of my childhood home.  it's one of my favorite pictures.  i was searching through some old photos recently and came across another photo of me in what is most likely the same stock pot, but this time the pot and i were on the stove instead of on the kitchen counter.  (you have to love my parents' sense of humor!)  i couldn't resist sharing this gem with you today since it's "throwback thursday" today.

have a great day!
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Very cute - a tiny girl in a huge pot!

Ma Pa C said...

This is one of Dad's favorite pictures (and mine, too). He also likes the one where you are eating Italian food and have sauce all over your face.
That is a very cute picture. P.S. The sauce was good too!