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Friday, July 15, 2016

a new bench!

back in may, i bragged about my amazing husband after he built a new stair case from scratch under our basement bilco door.  i'm going to take some time to brag once again, because ryan built something else that i'm super proud of . . . for quite some time, i have been wanting some type of long narrow bench for the hallway at my dance studio.  all of the students (including me) throw dance bags, shoes, water bottles, etc. in the hallway when we are in class, and the hallway gets so crowded.  it's always so crazy trying to step over piles of dance stuff.  so, i thought a bench would help to get some bags up off the floor and would give us a place to tuck our shoes underneath, thus making the hallway less of a fire hazard.  my dance director brought up the same concern recently, so ryan and i got to work creating a solution for the problem.

we used 2x4s and screws that we already had at home and built a bench.  it was a lot of fun designing it and building it together.  ryan is a wiz with power tools and he had this project knocked out in no time.  it took us less than 2 hours and in total cost under $10 in supplies!  the new bench is super sturdy and it looks great in the studio hallway.  we all love it so much that ryan and i plan on making a few more for the hallway and the lobby!

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

That bench is really nice and sturdy. Great job Ryan.