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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

paging doctor leko

poor ryan got hit with a doozie of a head cold this week.  he started not feeling well over the weekend, but we both just thought it was spring allergies since the weather changed and everything started to bloom.  pollen always bothers ryan, but by the time he woke up on monday morning it was clear that he had a full-blown head cold.

we need not worry though, because doctor leko is on top of the matter.  he knows just how to make ryan feel better!  leko told me he has a doctorate degree in therapeutic kitty medicine.  i couldn't help but snap this photo of leko sprawled out on ryan's pillow, instructing ryan to come join him in bed to rest!

love, laurie 


ma pa camlet said...

Kitty medicine, I like that. Of course, he knows how to make you feel better.
We have some kids that have colds too. I thought it was an odd time for a cold.
Hope Ryan feels better. Loving up the kitty is the best medicine.

Mom H. said...

That's a great photo of Leko. I think he needs to let a little more room for Ryan. I hope Ryan feels better by now. I just got over a cold, too. Not fun.