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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

new pointe shoes!

when we went to nyc last weekend, i was thrilled to get a new pair of pointe shoes.  dance shoes don't stay clean and pretty for very long, so i thought i would take a few pictures of my new shoes before they get filthy.  did you know that a professional ballerina can go through 80-120 pairs of pointe shoes in just one season?!  that is a lot of elastic and ribbon sewing for sure!

here are a few other fun ballet facts:
- a prima ballerina can complete 32 fouette turns while staying in the exact same spot on the floor.
- the pain threshold of ballerinas to non-ballerinas is 3:1.
- it can take 60-90 hours to make a professional-grade tutu.

in other ballet-related news, i started watching flesh and bone this week and boy is it intense!  the story line is a bit much, but the dancing is lovely to watch.  looking forward to seeing where the series goes.

my old shoes fell apart on me.  all of the inside lining ripped out, the heel on one of the shoes fell off, the drawstring came out of its casing, i wore holes through the toes and heels of both shoes, and the soles came off because the glue gave out.  they're so old, they owe me nothing.  just for fun, a few side-by-side comparison shots of my old and new pointe shoes . . .

happy dancing!
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

There is something about a pair of brand new pointe shoes that makes me feel good. Can't wait to see you dance in them. You will be stunning.
Bless the old ones, they have seen many dance classes and performances.

Mom H. said...

The new ones are really pretty! I hope they are as comfortable as they are pretty.