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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

answers to a few frequently asked questions . . .

from time-to-time i receive questions via email, blog post comments, social media, etc.  i have had a f.a.q. page on my blog for years, but i thought i would take the time to answer some other frequently asked questions . . .

how tall is ryan?
this one always makes me smile.  ryan is 6'1" and i am 5'2" so he is almost exactly a foot taller than me.  (he has some long legs!)

what is your natural hair color?
you're looking at it!  i've never dyed my hair.  it's sort of a dark blonde and it naturally turns lighter blonde in the summer when i'm out in the sun a lot.

do you and ryan really work at the same place?
yes!  we work for the same university, in the same department, and our offices are right down the hall from each other.  while many couples can't even fathom the idea of working together, we absolutely love it and it works wonderfully for us.  we make a really great team and we are thrilled for this season in our lives while we have the chance to do this.  (it also makes commuting to work so much easier!)

you often refer to leko as a kitten, how old is he?
ha!  although leko would no longer technically be considered a kitten by the vet, he is and will always be a kitten to me.  we adopted leko in january of 2012 and the shelter were we adopted him believes he was born in september of 2011.  so, this coming fall he will turn 4 years old.  (but he's still my baby!)

do you really eat all of the recipes you post on your blog?
yup!  all of the recipes i post are recipes that we have made (sometimes even several times before they make it to the blog in order to tweak them just right).  if something doesn't turn out good or if we don't like it then i don't share the recipe.

are you and ryan both vegetarians?
nope.  i am a vegetarian but ryan still eats meat occasionally (although he mainly eats vegetarian).

why don't you write in caps?
at the time when i started my blog i was in doctoral school.  i spent so much time writing "formally" for my classes and my dissertation.  i have always loved writing, and i wanted this blog to be a space where i could write for fun in order to take a break from all of the serious formal writing i was doing at the time.  so, i started writing all lowercase.  i liked the feel of it and it just stuck.

which program do you use to write on your photos?
picmonkey (the free version).

do you read all of the comments and emails that you receive?
every last one of them.  i receive email notifications when anyone leaves a comment on a post and i respond to all comments/emails unless someone is listed as a no-reply blogger.

who designed and built your blog?
i did.  my blog is hosted on the blogger platform, but i designed the layout myself.

. . .

what else do you want to know?
have a question that you want me to answer?  
leave a comment or email me directly at

love, laurie

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Unknown said...

Very good answers to the questions. I did not know some many people asked you questions. I must think of one.