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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

my favorite cookbooks

there certainly are a lot of cookbooks on our bookshelf at home.  however, there are some that i find myself reaching for more than others.  so, i thought i'd share the ones that i use on a regular basis.  whether you are looking to expand your cookbook library or looking to buy a cookbook as a gift for a friend, here are some of my favorite cookbooks . . .

1. joy the baker cookbook - i have been a huge fan of joy wilson and her blog joy the baker for years.  so, i was beyond thrilled when she announced that she was releasing her first cookbook.  as soon as i got this cookbook i read it cover-to-cover straight through like a novel.  each recipe you read sounds like one of joy's blog posts.  i love her writing and her sense of humor.  i also appreciate that each recipe has a picture too (100 recipes and 100 photos)!  i have made so many things out of this cookbook and we have loved them all.  (it's my goal to make every single thing in this cookbook and i'm well on my way there.)  there are also a bunch of helpful tips and tricks in there too.  there is something in this cookbook for everyone.

2. homemade decadence - joy wilson's second cookbook is just as good as her first.  the photos of the recipes in this cookbook could make you drool all over the pages, seriously.  i got this cookbook as a gift this past christmas and i absolutely love it.  just like the first one, i read this book cover-to-cover too.  if i had to describe this book in one word, it would be "indulgent" since all of the recipes are so over the top!

3. smitten kitchen - i love reading deb wilson's blog smitten kitchen and i couldn't wait to get my hands on her first cookbook.  i'm so impressed that she makes everything in her teeny-tiny nyc apartment kitchen.  she has it all in there: breakfast, salads, savory main dishes, sweets, and even a section on what to make to feed guests at a party.

4. pancakes - it's no secret that ryan and i absolutely love breakfast foods, especially pancakes, so an entire cookbook devoted to pancake recipes is totally for us.  adrianna adarme from a cozy kitchen has put together 72 sweet and savory recipes for the perfect stack of pancakes.

5. the taste of home cookbook - this cookbook is an "old classic" in my opinion and it is probably the cookbook i reach for the most.  my parents bought this cookbook for me as a gift and it is really the gift that keeps on giving.  there are several editions of this cookbook now (i have the original) and it is packed with absolutely everything you could imagine.  i love that it is ring-bound so that the pages come out easily since it is such a humongous book.

6. taste of home's complete guide to baking - this baking cookbook was also a gift from my parents.  every time i open the cover i read the sweet message my parents wrote inside for me.  i have had it since 2006 and i have baked so many things out of this cookbook.  it is another "classic" for me.

7. the complete magnolia bakery cookbook - after visiting the famous magnolia bakery in nyc we were excited to get our hands on this cookbook.  this is such a pretty cookbook with such a elegance about it.  we love being able to recreate the sweets from one of our favorite nyc bakeries at home.

8. the ice cream bible - also a gift from my parents, this cookbook is a must-have if you own an ice cream maker.  it is full of decadent ice cream, gelato, sherbet, and sorbet recipes.  perfect for combating the summer heat, and seasonal favorites to make year round.

9. ben & jerry's homemade ice cream and dessert book - we bought this book at a friend's yard sale for just 50 cents and boy is it a great cookbook.  who could say no to making ben & jerry's ice cream at home?!

ps: curious how we keep all of these cookbooks propped up on my kitchen counter?  we use this bamboo stand.  it is great for holding cookbooks and for holding our ipad while we read a recipe on the internet.  it has an adjustable backrest so that you can find the perfect angle for reading and it has adjustable page holders too.  it is really handy!

i'm curious, what are some of your favorites?
love, laurie

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Ah, there is nothing like a cookbook collection. I love cookbooks and enjoy reading them and then creating my own version.
I would be happy to order anyone a bamboo stand from Pampered Chef, since I sell the products.