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Thursday, February 26, 2015

my top 5 winter skin care must-have products (for under $5)

we have been experiencing record low temperatures in the northeast over the past few weeks.  the deep cold winter weather sure takes a toll on my sensitive and fair skin.  it seems like every year my lips chap and the skin on my hands cracks no matter how much a bundle up.  during these cold months, there are a few must-have products that i swear by for combating chapping and cracking, and for healing my skin.  here are some of my favorite skin care products during the winter months:

1. kiss my face pure olive oil bar soap - my mom first introduced me to this olive oil bar soap when i was just a kid.  i have used it as a face soap for my whole life.  i wash my face with this soap twice each day, once in the morning and once at night.   i totally credit this soap for keeping my face clean and clear from breakouts for years.  when i met ryan in college, he had a lot of acne breakouts.  i convinced him to try this soap and he has been using it ever since.  it drastically reduced the amount of breakouts on his face.  ryan's mom even uses this soap now too.

2. suave smoothing body lotion with cocoa butter and shea - we first learned about this lotion on a trip to north carolina to visit ryan's brother a few years ago.  ryan's brother was using it and we gave it a try.  we instantly feel i love with it, and as soon as we came home we bought a bottle of our own.  we have been using it daily ever since.  i am typically not a fan of lotions because i don't like lotions that leave me feeling greasy.  this lotion doesn't leave a greasy or oily residue at all.  it drys wonderfully while still keeping skin hydrated and moisturized.  both ryan and i put it on our hands religiously every night before bed.  bonus: it smells great too!

3. olay age defying body wash - i am a big fan of olay products, so i was excited when olay came out with a line of body wash with olay moisturizer in it.  this is by far, hands down, my very favorite body wash.  i am in love with it and it has done wonders for my skin.  (by the way, there are always coupons available for this olay body wash online.  i have never paid full price for this soap at target because there is always a coupon available!)

4. burt's bees beeswax lip balm - i'm not someone who likes to wear chap stick or lipstick, but i do love this lip balm.  ryan has been using it for years, and he got me into it.  it is so soothing and has a great peppermint tingle too.

5. neosporin original ointment - whenever i got a cut or a scrape as a kid, my dad would always whip out a tube of neosporin.  it is a miracle product for healing cuts and wounds fast.  when my hands get really bad in the winter and when lotion just won't do the trick anymore, i turn to the neosporin.  i usually put it on my chapped hands right before bed and cover my hands in a pair of old socks.  it looks silly, but it works like a charm!

. . .

all of these products can be found at your local target, drugstore, or online for $5 or less!  keep your eyes open for coupons too.  whenever we restock these products in our house, we almost always use coupons that we find online.

i'm curious . . . what are some of your favorite skin care products?  for years my parents have absolutely sworn by a+d original ointment for healing cracked skin, not just in the winter, but year round.  what are your must-haves?

stay warm!
love, laurie

. . . 

*please note: this is not a sponsored post.  the content is based solely on my own personal opinion.

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

All great products. Do love my olive oil face soap. I will have to try that body wash. Anything to defy aging.