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Monday, October 20, 2014

happy anniversary, mom and dad!

on saturday, my parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary!

we got to spend the entire day with my parents on saturday.  in the morning, we got together to attend the funeral of a family member who passed away last week.  after the funeral, we went out to lunch to celebrate my parents' anniversary.  we spent the afternoon doing some fun fall activities and finished the evening by cooking dinner together at my parents' house and sharing some delicious desserts that we picked up at a cafe on the way home.

i snapped this picture of my parents after lunch on saturday and i think it is now one of my new favorite pictures of them.  i am so very blessed to have two parents who are such wonderful role models, and who love me so much.  there is nothing better in this world than the love of family.

happy anniversary, mom and dad!  i love you both so very much!

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

That's a great photo of your mom and dad. I'm glad you got to spend the day together.

ma pa camlet said...

Thanks doll for the wonderful comments. We really enjoyed the afternoon spending a nice fall day with the both of you. The morning was trying at the funeral. It is always hard to say goodbye to a family member. I really enjoyed the fall outing and cooking with you. It was like old times working in the kitchen with you, I enjoyed that very much.
The photo is a nice one. Yes, I do agree there is nothing like the love of a family and kitties.
I am glad that you know how much we love you and proud of you, you both.