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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

a trip to the alpaca farm!

when we were with my parents on saturday, we visited pohopoco creek alpaca farm.  we just saw two alpacas a few weeks ago when we were at ritter's cider mill and we thought they were so cute, so we were excited when we heard that pohopoco creek alpaca farm was having an open house (or should i say "open farm") on saturday.

it was really neat to get to see so many alpacas up close.  while we were at the alpaca farm, we learned a lot about alpacas.  i never knew that alpacas come in 22 different colors, and they can produce 5-10 pounds of fleece per year when sheared.  their fleece is as soft as cashmere and it is warmer, lighter, and stronger than wool.

the alpacas were so friendly.  they make a cute little humming noise to communicate with each other.  they came right up to us and let us pet them.  my mom definitely wanted to take one home with her!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Way too cute! I think I will put one of them on my list that I want for Christmas. Or, let's go into a new line of work raising Alpacas for the wool.

Mom H. said...

That is a really good photo of Ryan with his little friend. Those alpacas are just the cutest little animals and so clean! I love the hair/fur on the top of their heads.