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Thursday, September 18, 2014

a little date

after work on friday night, we had dinner at stroudsmoor.  ryan's parents had given us a gift certificate last year for our anniversary, but we were so busy this past year that we never had a chance to use it.  ryan found out that there was an italian/seafood buffet on friday, so we thought it would be a great chance to use our gift certificate.

as always, there were so many wonderful things to eat there.  we totally stuffed ourselves full of great food, and then found out that there was pumpkin cheesecake for dessert!  luckily we were able to take the pumpkin cheesecake home in a doggy bag to enjoy the next day.

i didn't bring my camera with me, but ryan managed to grab a few photos on his phone while we were there.  it was so special to have dinner together at the same place where we were married four years ago.  (the last time we were there was two years ago for our anniversary.)  we had a great time and it was such a nice little date!

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Oh my goodness does that food look delicious. I am getting hungry for Stroudsmoor's food. You are right, never a bad meal, also fantastic.
Happy Anniversary.