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Friday, August 29, 2014

thank goodness it's friday . . . and hello, three day weekend!

man, this week was a rough one.  it was the first week back to school at the university where we work, and that always makes for general craziness.  somehow, this year it seemed extra nutty.

this week we also found out that "our dream house" is up for sale.  for as long as i can remember, ryan and i have been in love with one particular house in our area.  when we were in college, we used to walk by it several times a week.  we loved how the outside looked, and we would imagine what the layout might look like inside.  it was always perfectly manicured, and we would watch people come and go from it, trying to get even a small glimpse inside whenever a door would open.  i used to joke around with ryan and say "if that house ever goes up for sale, i'd buy it without even seeing the inside of it."  sounds crazy, but somehow i just knew the inside would be perfect.  for years, we have lovingly referred to it as "our dream house."  well, it's for sale.  it's in foreclosure, the poor thing.  ryan sent me the online listing, so that i could see the pictures.  it's perfect inside.  of course it is, i knew it had to be.  i'm not looking to buy another home right now, but if i was i couldn't even afford this masterpiece.  it is priced ridiculously high.  really, it's almost six times the price of the house we own, and the taxes are outrageous.  three stories, beautiful built-ins, a custom kitchen, brazilian cherry hardwood floors, an in-ground heated pool, central air, and an additional lot next door!  i think i'm dying a slow and painful death after seeing the listing price online.  dramatic?  maybe a little.  ryan said to me, "i was hoping it was crappy inside."  me too, honey, me too.  let's just have a moment of silence for the fact that "our dream house" will be sold to someone else.

anyway, thank goodness it's friday.  we're so glad that the weekend is finally here, and we're off work on monday since it's labor day which makes it a three day weekend too!  hooray!

have a good one!
love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

well then, here is how the story goes. Whoever buys it is just the care tsker for you. Instead of being empty until you make your millions they are loving it for you.