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Thursday, June 26, 2014

topsail island - part 3

while we were in topsail island, we got to enjoy some boating.  our friends have a few different boats at their beach house, and on one of the days that we were there we got a chance to sail aboard their yacht.  it was absolutely beautiful, and my mom even got to drive it!

we also took a ride aboard their skiff to set crab traps in the marsh.  we picked up the crab traps the next day and caught a bunch of blue crabs, so we had a crab boil for dinner.  it was tasty (and messy) and a lot of fun.

in addition to fresh crabs, our friends also caught a ton of shrimp in their shrimp traps.  one day they caught 800 shrimp, then on another day they caught 200 shrimp!  needless to say, we had shrimp several times for dinner.  (my mom even ate shrimp for breakfast one day!)  the crabs and the shrimp were absolutely delicious.  you just can't beat seafood fresh from the ocean.

you can see more photos from our trip to topsail island here and here

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

I am now hungry for a seafood feast. The shrimp lemon risotto was delicious. I also enjoyed the crabs but needed a bath after eating them. We could not have gotten fresher seafood anywhere.

You really have taken beautiful pictures of the trip.